Frequently Asked Questions

A virtual address refers to a business location that can be a mailbox situated within a business center or a service managed by a receptionist at a virtual office. These options both provide services for managing mail, such as notifying recipients of incoming mail, collecting mail, and forwarding it. Utilizing a virtual address on your website and other promotional materials can give your business a polished physical presence.

A virtual address enables your company to establish a digital foothold in various geographic markets, eliminating the need for renting physical space. Numerous clients prefer engaging with businesses that seem to operate locally in their area. By providing a virtual address, customers perceive your business as being more accessible and in sync with their location.

One option available is a virtual address service, providing both a mailing address and mail management services. When coupled with a call answering service, this combination typically constitutes a virtual office. Furthermore, our virtual office locations offer supplementary amenities such as co-working and private office space, meeting rooms, and various other services. Several of these virtual office locations are situated in prominent cities, boasting prestigious CBD addresses.

Yes, you can ask for more addresses whenever you need. Our services cater to more than 10,000 customers using our virtual offices and business centers across Australia. A lot of our clients use multiple virtual addresses to represent their presence in different regions, states, or across the country. You have the flexibility to include new virtual addresses in your account whenever you want.

You have the option to set up automatic forwarding of your mail and parcels to any location worldwide, based on your preferred frequency. In cases where you receive multiple mail items, we can consolidate them and send them to you in a single package. Some locations may apply a nominal handling fee for bundling and posting the mail from an Australia Post Office. This fee usually ranges between $5 and $6 per bundle, in addition to the standard postage cost. All locations will include the postage stamp expenses for forwarding your mail.

In Malaysia, the private limited company stands as the favored business structure, enjoying distinct legal standing independent of its shareholders. Its directors bear restricted responsibility for the company’s debts and losses, often denoted by the inclusion of ‘Sdn Bhd’ in its name.


  • Shareholders are not personally liable for debts and losses of company.
  • Benefits from local company tax incentives, exemptions and special government grants.
  • More attractive to investors.
  • Better growth potential – can go public and publicly raise funds.


  • Companies must maintain ongoing compliance with Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM). However, you can outsource the compliance to us.
  • Need to fulfil annual statutory audit requirement.